Oriental Rugs, Vintage Rugs, and Antique Rugs by Peter Pap


1stdibs On Location - art in bLOOM

By Wendy Moonan
Published April, 2014

The San Francisco-based rug specialist Peter Pap exclusively presents on 1stdibs an extraordinary collection of Oriental carpets and tectiles he's amassed over 40 years.


Not Big-City Types But Still Sophisticated

By Steven Kurtz
Published March 19, 2014

The 100 antique rugs and textiles collected for "Art in bLOOM," an exhibition and sale at the Kentshire Galleries in Manhattan and on 1stdibs.com, are "village rugs as opposed to the city rug," said Peter Pap, the San Francisco-based dealer who curated the sale.

What's the difference?

"City rugs tends to be more floral and representational," Mr. Pap said, whereas rugs made by tribal and nomadic weavers display "great contrasts of color and geometry and a real boldness to the design."


The Art Market: sprint to the finish

By Georgina Adam
Published June 14, 2013 6:42 pm

Basel closes art marathon; a bogus Ernst; flying carpets; cocktail reconciliation?

Art Basel flung open its doors to VIPs on Tuesday, and despite coming at the end of a six-week marathon that included the New York sales, Frieze New York, Art Basel Hong Kong and the Venice Biennale, the appetite for buying art seemed to be undiminished. As the first of two private view days ended, the cash registers rung up some hefty sales.


Eye on Design with Peter Pap

By Andrew Myers
Published Third Week of May 2010, 1stdibs Introspective Magazine

A leading dealer in Oriental rugs, Peter Pap is also a classically trained musician who riffed into jazz and founded an Oregon commune along the way. Grab a ticket and let this San Francisco-based specialist take you on a magic carpet ride.


Investing in Antique Oriental Rugs by Peter Pap

Published in the Chubb Collectors Online Newsletter, November 2, 2009

I'm inspired to write on this subject as I have watched the gyrations of the stock market over the past year. I have always felt that high-quality antique oriental rugs are a very safe place to park your money, and my belief in their long-term value remains unshaken. If you plan to live with beautiful rugs for the rest of your life, once you've made the investment antique oriental rugs are "the gifts that keep on giving."


Dealer Profile: Peter Pap

By Paul O'Donnell
Published February 17, 2009, The Magazine Antiques

At Peter Pap's booth at the Greenwich Antiques Show in Connecticut, a woman is examining an enormous Mahal carpet with an unusual green ground that has been attracting passersby all morning. Looking down, the woman asks, "How much is it?" Pap replies, with a courtly nod, "fifty-four thousand dollars." [READ MORE...]

Peter Pap in Fortune Small Business Magazine

Rugs to Riches
Our experts smooth the wrinkles in a carpet dealer's expansion plans

Brian O'Reilly/San Francisco

(FSB Magazine) -- AS A SUCCESSFUL DEALER IN ORIENTAL RUGS for more than three decades, Peter Pap has a well-honed sense of the market. These days he's picking up vibes that make him both excited and increasingly anxious. [READ MORE ...]