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Oushak Fragment

17th C (2nd half)

Carpets ascribed to the western Anatolian town of Ushak are perhaps the most iconic of classical Ottoman weavings. Perhaps the most well known variant of these are the so-called ‘medallion Ushaks’, which employ a large format medallion center flanked by corner-pieces composed of quarters of a similar medallion. This piece is a fragment or rather a pastiche, composed of the top and bottom third of a carpet while the medallion center is missing. Most examples, like this, were woven with a red field with blue arabesque vine-scroll but the green corner-pieces and remnants of what was the central medallion are quite unusual, the vast majority of examples of this type done in blue. The center had probably become quite damaged and was most likely removed some time in the first half of the twentieth century when the piece’s integrity as a luxurious floor covering was valued more than its historical significance. Nonetheless, a large degree of design integrity has been maintained in this fascinating classic fragment.

Reduced from original size, significant restoration.
6' 4"
9' 4"

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