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Qashqai double sided spindle bag

c. 1900
Southwest Persia

Dealers and collectors sometimes refer to these narrow bags as 'spindle bags.' However, Tanavoli describes a similarly shaped bag as a 'qalyandan,' or water-pipe bag. Tribal weavers produced many bag types for domestic use, and it may be that bags of this shape were used for storing various objects. This Qashqai piece is double-sided, both woven with knotted pile. Deep, narrow South Persian tribal bags such as this were much more typically flatwoven. Both sides are different. The front (presumably) draws a central rosette, flanked by four birds within a wreath created by four elongated leaves. The opposite side is ornamented with colorful thin stripes containing simple abstract vine-scrolls. This latter pattern seems to mimic contemporaneous Persian woolen textiles. The wool pile of this rare example is glossy and soft and the colors are vivid and saturated. Collection of Mr. and Mrs. John Corwin.

1' 0"
1' 5"

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