Oriental Rugs, Vintage Rugs, and Antique Rugs by Peter Pap

Shahsevan sumak bag

19th C (1st half)

This sumak bag, from the Moghan-Savlan area of Azerbaijan, conveys a powerfully graphic and concise statement. A classic cruciform device with corner pieces floats against a white field. The spacing, color, and drawing are superb in this bag, and the fine regular quality of the weave may indeed qualify as transcendent. The wool from the Moghan region of the Caucasus is renowned for its gloss, and the execution of this piece renders each individual section with a luminous sculptural quality. Small animals, flowering plants, and geometric elements are drawn with fine detailing throughout. The central cruciform design is likewise artfully rendered. While the origins of this iconic design may debated, it is interesting to speculate on its relationship to the quartered guls of Turkmen weaving and earlier classical traditions. 1. John Wertime, 'Sumak Bags of Northwest Persia and Transcaucasia' (London: HALI Publications, 1998), pl. 74. 2.Denis Dodds and Murray L. Eiland Jr. (eds) 'Oriental Rugs from Atlantic Collections: Eighth International Conference on Oriental Carpets' (Philadelphia: ICOC, 1996), pl. 98. Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Wendel Swan.

To be offered as part of "Artful Weavings" exhibition in San Francisco opening Feb. 9th. Prices displayed Feb. 8th.
1' 8"
1' 8"

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