Oriental Rugs, Vintage Rugs, and Antique Rugs by Peter Pap

Bergama rug

c. 1800

Small rugs like this, drawing two sections organized around cruciform elements with large rectangular centers were woven throughout the areas of Çanakkale and Bergama in coastal northwestern Turkey during the 18th and 19th centuries. This drawing may ultimately be traced back to Holbein design of the 16th century and indeed the madder-red negative spaces of the top and bottom halves each trace large-scale motifs found in the Holbein tradition. Additional design relationships may be found with cruciform designed sumak bags from the Caucasus and even perhaps with quartered Turkmen guls. This soft and lusciously piled piece was most likely woven in the vicinity of Ezine within what is now Çanakkale Province. While the knots are relatively large, design has not been compromised and a particularly pleasing lattice formed from arrowhead devices unites the upper and lower portions of the field. interestingly, this stellar example of the type draws a delicate spacious lattice in red and white. Punctuated within each diamond space formed are larger rosettes alternating in color from white to ocher. This rare treatment is seldom if ever seen in comparable pieces.

selvedges rewoven
Being sold on behalf of Mr. Gary Bortz
3' 3"
4' 4"

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