Afshar sumak khorjin

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Perfect original condition


Being sold on behalf of Dr. Robert Emry



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This complete Afshar saddle bag set, or ‘khorjin,’ is woven with two colorful and graphic bag faces executed in flat woven sumak technique. Creating a distinct sense of motion, reciprocal bands of ‘sirga,’ linked-pinwheel motif, cross the field of each using contrasting indigo dyed wool and un-dyed cotton white. This sumak design is popular among Afhsar weavers, but it is more typically rendered with white and madder red reciprocals. This indigo variant is quite pleasing. A classic Afshar diagonally striped border frames the piece. The colorful flatwoven fasteners of each bag are lined by two bands of red and green ornament formed from weft float mirroring those of Southwest Persian pieces.