Afshar supplemental weft bagface fragment

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This bag face was once part of a double animal bag set, or ‘khorjin’. Flat weave traditions may represent the earliest strain of domestic weaving for the nomads of south Persia. While designs for pile weaving were appropriated from urban workshops or textile traditions, those of flat weaves were generally dictated by the medium itself. These geometric designs then became an additional source for pile woven patterns. Despite this fundamental nature and history, Persian tribal flat weaves don’t always get the respect they deserve. This Afshar bag was woven with geometric bands of supplemental weft float; the surface is colorful, crisp, and visually dynamic. Cotton provides the white, while the piece exhibits a full rainbow Afshar colors with a special emphasis on variations of aquamarine and pistachio green. Collection of Mr. and Mrs. John Corwin