Baluch Flatwoven rug

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Being sold on behalf of Dr. William Price, Amarillo , TX.



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Baluch weavers of the Persian / Afghan border region are mainly known for their knotted pile rugs. This less common flat woven piece demonstrates the diversity of their weaving. With its fine, precise weave and distinctive palette of deep indigo and rich aubergine and red, this piece most certainly was woven in the Northeast Persian region of Khorosan. Rows of diagonally striped slit weave tapestry are interspersed between bands of alternating weft-float brocade, rendering a regular sequence of geometric patterns emanating from the center. Many familiar elements and border types used in Baluch pile weaving have their origin in flat woven technique. With this in mind, Baluch kilims and flat weaves reveal many important clues to the origins of the Baluch weaving tradition. Collection of Dr. and Mrs. William T. Price