Baluch khorjin

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small old repairs



2'4" x 5'5"

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This exceptionally fine Baluch double saddle bag set, or ‘khorjin,’ was woven in the Northeast Persian province of Khorosan. Complete sets of Baluch khorjin of this age are rare, and those of this quality are few and far between. Each bag face draws a network of latch hook diamonds within a lattice. A solitary white element floats just off center. This lone white motif, always placed just off center, is a familiar aspect of Baluchi weaving. Together with a general sparing and refined use of white, this is a frequent theme in Khorosan Baluch weaving in particular. The soft superior wool pile of this piece is finely knotted with an incredible handle and tactile quality. The flat woven sections including bands of weft float brocade, kilm back and zig-zag patterned kilim bridge are of a fineness seldom seen within Baluch weaving (or among any other Persian tribal group, for that matter).