Baluch rug

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Areas of slight wear.


Formerly in a Baluch collection in Texas formed 10-20 years ago.



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Baluch weavings are known for their adaptation of themes from neighboring regions while maintaining their own distinct aesthetic sensibility. This small rug draws, against a camel ground, a large scale field derived from a Turkmen camel trapping known as an ‘asmalyk’. A ‘harshang’ or ‘crab’ border is drawn in classic Baluch form against an ochre ground embellished with small shrubs and even a pair of birds. Using both modulation of color and spacing of drawing, a sense of organic growth and change is rendered from bottom to top. The outer guard border is seldom seen in Baluch rugs but for a few rare pieces and is thought provokingly more common in weavings from the Kurdish regions of eastern Anatolia.
Formerly collection of James Morgan