Chichi rug

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Scatter Rugs

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Some loss to macrame ends, some selvedge re-wrapping, small slit and small area of re-knotting


Being sold on behalf of Mr. Perter Tillou



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On a very basic level this Chichi rug from the eastern Caucuses is a classic example of its type. The main border is composed of the repeating stylized rosettes and diagonally oriented cartouches that define the genre. Similarly, the field traces miniature renditions of the hooked ‘Memling gul’ motif colorfully drawn against a deep indigo ground. This field motif is indeed used by the majority of Chichi rugs. However, what quickly becomes apparent, even at first glance, is the quality of materials and superior rendition of design seen in this example. Unlike the vast majority of Chichi pieces, this is not a simple scatter rug. The longer proportions of this piece transform the scale of design allowing for a remarkable organic flow of pattern from bottom to top with a consistent tempo but subtle varied pacing of spacing and color. Using the softest wool encountered in Caucasian rugs of any group this is a tactile masterpiece enriched by soft but saturated natural color.