“Eagle” Karabagh runner

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Original selvedges and end finishes. Visible wear in places. Small kashmiri repairs.



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Using vibrant natural color and bold but organic drawing this Karabagh long rug exemplifies some of the best traits of south Caucasian weaving. Stacked in a column of ornament stretching against the vibrant madder red field are alternating medallions of the ‘Chelaberd’ Kazak type. Eagle burst medallions are paired with a second bold floral composite type surrounded by white abstract foliage. Striped candy-cane trees float towards the side of the field along with smaller geometric elements. The piece is framed by a delicate narrow ‘harassing’ or crab border allowing for the full vibrancy of the field while providing a subtle sense of movement. This remarkable pieces uses light blue cotton weft. This along with several more subtle features may indicate an Armenian weaver.