Karabagh runner

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Areas of the brown field have oxidized



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This long and colorful runner demonstrates the ingenuity and diversity of Caucasian village weaving. Karabagh weaving in particular shows a range of design and structure rarely seen in other regions, particularly in the Caucasus, with both village and more formal workshops integrating influences from local sources as well as places as divergent as Persia and France. This innovative runner draws an elongated cartouche shaped medallion against a madder-red ground, the contours of which trace repeat rams’ horn ornament along both sides. The field of the medallion is composed of an all-over ‘Herati pattern’ design painted with vivid jewel-toned colors that illuminate against the dark chocolate ground. The corner pieces trace the same all-over Persian design against saturated red while the border draws from Caucasian folk traditions pairing small birds and simple geometric motifs.