Karadagh runner

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Slight wear and oxidation in brown.


Being sold on behalf or Mr. Gary Bortz



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Karadag runners such as this are often thought to have been woven by the Shahsevan of the region. These are some of the finest and most elegant tribal weavings produced in the 19th century in the far northwest of Persia. This runner is an wonderful example of this artistry. The wool is exceptionally soft and lustrous, and the weave and drawing are crisp and spacious. The color is saturated to the point of glowing. In the drawing, a delicate balance is struck, not only among the arrangement of motifs within the field, but also in their scale and relationship to the “harshang,” or crab motifs, of the border. Finally, the rendering of colorful elements against both a deep indigo field and light white border is highly successful.