Kazak rug

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Scatter Rugs


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Uneven loss to flat woven ends, dog eared corner, wear crease in field


Being sold on the behalf of a Connecticut collector



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Woven in remote mountainous regions of the central Caucasus, Kazak rugs are renowned for their bold graphics and pure vivid color. This exceptional Kazak long rug successfully melds these qualities with a delicate over-all field design of repeat boteh paisleys derived from Persian textiles of the 18th and 19th centuries. At first this may seem a bit of a contradiction. How can such a fine repeat textile pattern be rendered boldly? The key here is perfect scale. The paisley devices are just large enough to clearly distinguish one of three devices drawn internally, a smaller multi-colored both, repeat rows of small diamonds, and a stylized flower with curvilinear foliage while retaining much of the sensibility of a fine textile. The negative space conveyed within each element along with that of the white ground of the field is masterful. Similarly, the size and shape of the botehs changes organically from row to row imbuing the diagonal columns of color with an increased sense of movement. This runner is perfectly framed with a saturated terra-cotta border drawn with multi-colored endless knot rosettes.