Khotan rug

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4'11" x 9'0"

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Khotan, an oasis city in the Xinjiang autonomous region of western China, is situated much closer to the republics of
Central Asia than Beijing. Cultural and historic ties to Central Asia give the weaving of this region its own distinct flavor, mixed with later infusions from China. This Khotan carpet from the turn of the century draws an all-over pattern reminiscent of Ming textiles of the 16th and 17th centuries. The repeat rosette ornament is a local form replacing the more typical lotus blossoms found in stricter Chinese variations, but the layout of design, including the fret pattern framing each rosette and the interlocking designs of the border, are quintessentially Chinese. Khotan weaving is at least several centuries old (and arguably much older). Later carpets, such as this example, are highly prized on the decorative market because of their soft palettes, elegant drawing and sturdy weave.