Konya rug fragment

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Formerly in the collection of Mr. and Mrs. Wendel Swan



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This Turkish carpet fragment represents the bottom two rows and portions of the side borders of a long Central Anatolian carpet. Long yellow ground rugs were woven throughout the region from Konya and the surrounding countryside and throughout Cappadocia. These piece are generally drawn with rows of octagonal ‘Memling gul’ medallions. These devices self-replicate within the negative space in between the columns and rows. While we are dating this piece conservatively to the early 19th century, other authorities might well give an earlier dat some time in the 18th century. Indeed, this colorful yellow-ground Memling gul fragment compares favorably with other such fragments in the celebrated Kirchheim private collection assembled in Germany. For a complete example of a Turkish rug of this type please refer to our piece numbered 16434.