Kuba rug

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Reweave in center


Being sold on behalf of Dr. and Mrs. Timothy McCormack



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Using a diverse palette of soft pleasing color this Kuba rug draws rows of alternating geometric design against a cool yellow ground. Rose-madder, sky-blue, pistachio-green,and a light aubergine are used to illustrate small rosettes, cruciforms, ashiks, diamonds and triangular forms linked together and accented by a dark linear network of highlighting. This classic field pattern is more typically seen in a group of neighboring Caucasian rugs known as Chichi but is arguably better articulated in this Kuba example than the majority of pieces known from that group. A classic white geometric ‘leaf and cup border’ seen in a wide variety of Kuba and Shirvan weavings is used to frame the piece and is flanked by two smaller dark guard borders punctuated by colorful rosettes. Light and dark is expertly balanced throughout the borders and field.