Kuba runner

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Splits in kilim ends, small rewoven areas, sewn split,


Being sold on the behalf of a Connecticut collector



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Colorful rosettes drawn in the three primary colors with the addition of white burst forth from the modulated indigo ground of this Kuba runner. In the spirit of so many great Caucasian rugs, these floral motifs are rendered with a stylized more geometric sensibility. In so doing, the negative space of the field becomes a defect lattice allowing for the imagination of several permutations of clusters of diamonds. The main border is of the so-called ‘Kufic’ variety, a repeat knot design traceable to Anatolian rugs and Islamic textiles of at least the the 15th century and named for its resemblance to Arabic calligraphy. Here a third tone of blue is skillfully modulated with green in an ‘abrash’ of color that subtly breaks the potential monotony of such an elongated composition.