Mohajeran Sarouk

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Very good condition. Complete end border. Old overcasting. Some bare spots on original selvedge, easily re-wrapped for the buyer at no additional cost.



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Woven in central Persia, Mohajeran Sarouks pre-date the so-called “painted Sarouks” exported in mass to the American market in the 1920’s and 30’s. These pieces retain a pureer Persian sensibility infused with a late 19th century neoclassical aesthetic. Against a luminous terracotta ground, this majestic Mohajeran Sarouk carpet draws sinuous vine-scrolls culminating in blossoms, paisleys, delicate flowers, and shrubs in the manner of a fine Persian textile. Indeed, the medallion drawn here composed with diagonally placed elongated paisleys is reminiscent of drawing found in Persian and Kasmiri shawls of the 19th century.