Shahsevan kilim

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Excellent condition, with no restoration. Technically, when these rugs have no design other than colored stripes, they are considered flatweaves, because in order to be a kilim there needs to be a slit weave tapestry technique used to depict angular designs. We continue to call them kilims because the term flatweave suggests that the rug is not floor worthy, which these are.



6'2" x 7'8"

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Shahsevan kilims of this age and design only came onto the Western market in the late 20th century when traders went into the villages of the Caucasus and purchased them from families. They were all quickly purchased by appreciative dealers and either went into private collections or stayed in dealer’s inventories. There is only a small finite supply remaining on the market and they are generally appreciated by dealers more than private buyers. Their retail value hasn’t changed in 20 years. Other kilims from this era can be found by entering these numbers into the keyword search box. 10280,12654,10281,14829.