Shirvan long rug

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1" square reweave in corner. tinting in corrosive brown. Sections of selvedge restored with some re-knotting.


Being sold on the behalf of a Connecticut collector



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Woven in the east Caucasus near the Caspian coast, this Shirvan long rug uses perfect scale of drawing accentuated by vibrant saturated color. The field is composed of abstract floral ornament with a central column of varying rosettes flanked on both sides by a striking assortment of lilies and palmettes . This Caucasian pattern is aptly known as the ‘afshan’ or blossom design and seems to have originated in large classical Kuba carpets of the 17th century. The main border is a ‘kufic’ variant, named for its resemblance to Arabic writing. This design may be seen in Islamic textiles as early as the 12th century and became popularized in Shirvan group weaving in the early 19th. The vivid madder-red used here contrasts superbly with the deep indigo ground of the field. Of particular merit is the purple seen within several blossoms of the field, being a double dye of one of the three indigo blues and madder-red used throughout the piece.