Shirvan prayer rug

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Reweaving along guard border and selvedge both sides.


Being sold on the behalf of a Connecticut collector



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This charming Shirvan prayer rug uses a classic ivory ground drawing an assortment of colorful stylized blossoming flowers within an indigo serrated leaf-like lattice. Within this veritable bouquet iris and poppies may be discerned along with more stylized fantastic varieties. Both sides of the field are peppered with smaller geometric diamond elements and a solitary four-legged animal even makes an appearance towards the middle of the left side. While this piece is dated at two places near the center of the top, both years are illegible. Based on the fineness of weave, quality of drawing and excellence of dyes, a conservative estimate would indicate a date some time in the third quarter of the 19th century. Of particular merit here is the articulation of the mihrab niche and the elements flanking and contained within it. Two seemingly winged hexagons are drawn in the top left and right spandrels. These devices are seldomly seen in Shirvan prayer rugs and may ultimately be derived from so-called ‘harshang’ or crab borders seen in Caucasian and neighboring Northwest Persian carpets.