Trans Caucasian runner

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Selvedges restored, uneven loss to macrame ends, minor re-knotting.


Being sold on the behalf of a Connecticut collector



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Perfect symmetry and regularity of design have never been desirable characteristics for judging great tribal and village weavings. Rather, a premium is placed on a sophisticated sense of balance among related and disparate motifs along with a well integrated color palette. This Caucasian runner is a case in point. Here a column of five octagons culminating in red stylized palmettes at both ends is drawn within the expanse of the field. These colorful devices organically grow in size from bottom to top. The central octagon is drawn with white while those flanking it are both a vibrant madder red; but just when a pattern seems to become apparent, the next two elements in the sequence respectively are a pistachio green and gold. While the medallions of the top half are weighted with motifs off center towards the top, those of the bottom half are weighted towards the bottom. Similarly, within the indigo field, paired motifs such as animals and geometric motifs are generally drawn with larger scale at the top. One exception, however, are a pair of flowering plants at the bottom which are both taller and more fully formed than a related pair situated at the top. Caucasian rugs often draw on many of the same themes as Persian village rugs, most notably the ideas of fertility and prosperity conveyed by lush and vigorous vegetation and animal life. This remarkable piece adds an almost cosmic aesthetic with a host of abundant flickering ornament seemingly illuminating against a deep dark night sky.